Join our Discord

This is our community discord server. Please make not of all the rules below.

General Rules:

  • Do not spam
  • Be considerate of the community and what you say – this includes sensitive topics. ie. Politics
  • No Insulting or harassing other members
  • No self-advertisement or other discord invite links
  • 13+ Age requirement as outlined in Discord ToS

Tagging Rules

  • Do not excessively tag other users.
  • Use @Moderators, but not abuse this
  • Do not use @everyone or @here, they have been disabled

Voice Rules

  • Same rules apply in the voice chats as in general rules
  • Do not interrupt another channel if they are using it first.
  • Voice Channels are used freely and mostly not moderated.


  • A warning or a mute will be given out if rules are broken
  • Continued breaking these rules will result in a ban and or perm ban

If you accept these rules then click the link below and have fun.